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The Platelets

The Platelets is a genre-crossing rock band from the Johnstown area formed in April 2016. Their lineup consists of Clint Sparling on vocals and guitar, Nate Jackson on lead guitar, Ron Jezeskie on bass, and Dylan Jackson on drums. Their debut album, Steelworker’s Soul, released in August 2022, takes you on a journey that will leave you wanting more, and they’re working on a follow-up. With influences ranging from the Grateful Dead and Bob Marley to The Doors and Muddy Waters, their catchy songs and eclectic jams will surely catch your ear and move your feet. Rather than target a specific audience, The Platelets’ goal has always been to bring joy to everyone, regardless of their background or taste in music. Their riffs and melodies serve the important messages they long to spread about peace, love, positivity, and healing that which is broken.


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