Park policies and FAQ

Peoples Natural Gas Park is a multipurpose facility that is owned and operated by the Johnstown Area Heritage Association. Some events, like the festival, are produced by JAHA — others are produced by other entities. Here are some policies that always apply to events at the park, no matter who is producing the event. We appreciate your cooperation!


No one is served alcoholic beverages at any Peoples Natural Gas Park event without first showing an ID and receiving a wristband, regardless of your age or appearance. No exceptions.


No dogs or other pets are allowed at Peoples Natural Gas Park. (Service dogs in harness are, of course, welcome.)


Peoples Natural Gas Park is a family-friendly venue and welcomes children for all events unless specifically stated otherwise. (The park is easy to navigate with a stroller.)

For JAHA-produced music events that are ticketed, our policy is that kids 12 and under who are accompanied by an adult get in free.

A few events specifically for kids (such as the Halloween Hullabaloo) are ticketed for all ages, or for kids only.

Other producers of ticketed events may have different admission policies with regards to ticket prices for kids, and we encourage you to check with them.

If you have questions about a particular event and its appropriateness for kids/ticket price for kids, contact JAHA at info [at] or the event’s producer.

Outside food and drink

Outside food and drink (including coolers) are not permitted at the park.  Water bottles, containing water or non-alcoholic beverages only, are permitted.


JAHA-produced events at Peoples Natural Gas Park (such as the music festival and the Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield Summer Concert Series) always include plenty of general admission seating! This is also true of Oilhouse Live shows.

Bringing your own folding chair is discouraged at the music festival, but if you’d prefer to bring your own chair or blanket to JAHA-produced concerts you’re welcome to do so.

If you are unsure whether a show produced by some other entity than JAHA features seating and/or allows lawn chairs, contact JAHA at info [at] or the event’s producer.


We value our patrons with mobility issues and accommodate in every way we can. The entire park is flat, compact and features sidewalks and paved surfaces. The Community Foundation Oilhouse features two levels, and a lift enables people using wheelchairs to access the upper level. Its restrooms include accessible stalls. Wheelchair-accessible portajohns are also available on the grounds.


JAHA is unable to offer refunds for ticketed events.


Weapons are not allowed at the park.

Cameras and recording equipment

Photographers are welcome at the park. Once in a while we present an artist who has specific guidelines on photography (for example, no lenses, or photography is only allowed during the first three songs). It is our expectation that photographers will abide by any restrictions as communicated by park staff from the stage or in person, immediately and without question.

Recording equipment is not allowed at concerts at Peoples Natural Gas Park without express written permission of the artist and JAHA.

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