Kitchen Dwellers to headline July 13 Sip, Rock & Duck Drop; special guest is Stone Throwers

Posted on 2024-03-07

Today the talent for the annual Sip, Rock & Duck Drop, a fundraiser for the St. Vincent DePaul Family Kitchen, was announced! Tickets are now available for the July 13 show, which will take place at Peoples Natural Gas Park.

Kitchen Dwellers: This Montana quartet twists bluegrass, folk, and rock through a kaleidoscope of homegrown stories, rich mythology, American west wanderlust, and psychedelic hues. Shawn Swain [Mandolin], Torrin Daniels [banjo], Joe Funk [upright bass], and Max Davies [acoustic guitar] have captivated audiences at hallowed venues such as Red Rocks Amphitheatre and festivals all over the country. They’ve amassed more than 5 million streams and just this month released their fourth studio album, Seven Devils.

Stone Throwers: Somewhere in Pennsylvania a lightning bolt strikes a dusty old record collection; fusing together a vinyl beast of classic rock, soul, and funk — breathing life into an electric sound that is somehow both entirely new and distinctly familiar.draws from a wide range of musical traditions, filtering them through the lenses of song-writing and personal experience. Soulful melodies, powerful brass, smooth keys, and percussive guitar are glued together in a pocket of tight drums and thick bass. The end result — a vibration that lifts your heart and moves your feet.

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More show announcements are expected soon! Check out all the events currently scheduled at Peoples Natural Gas Park.

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