COVID information

COVID information

The Johnstown Area Heritage Association, which produces the AmeriServ Flood City Music Festival, prioritizes the health and well-being of everybody at our festival. Initially we were hoping that moving the festival dates to Oct. 1-2 would alleviate all concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic, but obviously that has not proven to be true.

As you’ve probably heard, many festivals, live music and entertainment venues (independent as well as those operated by conglomerates like Live Nation and AEG), as well as major performing artists are adopting policies that require patrons to present proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test for entry. But unlike many festivals, our event is almost entirely outside, doesn’t involve camping, and has general admission seating rather than standing room only.

Per current Pennsylvania Department of Health guidelines, there is no need to require a COVID vaccination or negative test for admission to our festival, and we do not currently plan to adopt such a policy. This is in line with the current COVID policies of other outdoor venues in our region, including Heinz Field, PNC Park, and Penn State’s Beaver Stadium, which do not require proof of vaccination/negative test for entry.

To address concerns of our artists and to ensure our festival is as safe as possible, we are adopting the following safety protocols:

  • All festival volunteers and staff members will need to present proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test (dated within 3 days of the event) in order to serve.
  • Powerful air purifiers will be placed in the only enclosed indoor spaces on our grounds (such as the upstairs VIP bar in the Community Foundation Oilhouse, and the Oilhouse restrooms) to help reduce the potential for airborne contamination; we will do everything possible to ventilate the entire Oilhouse thoroughly, including keeping the large garage doors and all other doors open, and deploying fans.
  • New video reinforcement at the mainstage will allow patrons who wish to distance to do so while still enjoying a great view of the show.
  • Free face masks and small bottles of hand sanitizer will be available to all on festival grounds.
  • Additional hand sanitizing stations will be available on festival grounds.

We encourage everyone in our community to get vaccinated to help hasten the end of the pandemic, and to keep you and everyone around you safer.

We will continue to pay attention to local and national trends as the festival approaches, and want to express our appreciation for your continued support and enthusiasm.


How you can help

We ask that you not attend if any of the following is true for you or anyone in your party:

  • Within 14 days before attending the festival you have tested positive, or been exposed to someone who has tested positive for, COVID-19 and are not yet cleared as non-contagious;
  • Within 48 hours prior to attending the festival, you have experienced symptoms of COVID-19 (e.g., a fever of 100.4F or higher, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, chills, muscle pain/achiness, headache, sore throat, loss of taste or smell, nasal congestion, runny nose, vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue or any other symptoms associated with COVID-19);
  • Within 14 days prior to attending the festival, you have visited any international territory identified by federal or applicable state or local governments as being subject to travel or quarantine advisories due to COVID-19.
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